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Everyday Purity

We’re committed to providing you our products in its purest form. Our ceremonial grade matcha is the highest of quality that is commonly enjoyed in a traditional ceremony setting, but offered for the everyday price. Your body deserves to be nourished daily for a more well-balanced and vibrant you.

Rituals Simplified

Rituals have the power to keep us grounded and intentional. We take a formal Japanese tradition and simplify it, so you can easily implement matcha to help sustain you in your journey of life.

Powered by Mother Earth

When we honor the Earth, we honor ourselves. We deeply value the magic that Mother Nature gifts us and our farmers that take care of it. Starting from the soil, we take pride in serving you the most natural product from Earth to Cup.

It's as simple as 1,2,3!

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How Do You Matcha?

Chelsea Matcha over milk and ice

"Pour over with some ice, milk and strawberry puree and voila! You’re a barista ;)"

Chelsea Celebrity Nurse Practitioner
Allysa iced oat milk matcha

"I look forward to my iced oat milk matcha everyday!! I add in a tiny bit of honey and it’s literally perfect!"

Asuka pou matcha over oat or almond milk with ice

"Every day, my post workout go to drink is this: whisk matcha, add a scoop of collagen peptides, and pour over oat or almond milk with ice! The BEST recovery drink ever!!"

Jenny Matcha mixed with fresh squeezed lemonade

"Matcha mixed with fresh squeezed lemonade is my go to. Light, refreshing and full of energy is my matcha."

David Matcha with honey

"Before I jump into my daily workout, I shake up some matcha & honey together to get that refreshing boost of energy I need."

how do you use your organic matcha
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