Meet our Ambassador - Spring Edition

Meet our Ambassador - Spring Edition

The blooming of Spring always reminds us of our “aliveness”. The flowers begin to bloom, the days become warmer, and the sun shines for a bit longer. The changing of seasons guide us to move with the natural rhythm of Mother Earth.

Living in a hustle and flow society, it's easy to miss the beauty of it all. But just maybe, this year, we can engage with the changing seasons in a more thoughtful way. The more present we can be, the more we can look back later on and associate our lived experiences within the specific "seasons of our lives" - chapters, if you will. It grounds us in a state of gratitude that helps make sense of our past, bring peace for today, and create a vision for tomorrow.

Meet our Matcha Bloom Ambassador, Kathleen Higashiyama. She's a recipe developer, photographer, and author behind The Heirloom Pantry. Her culinary forte is creating unique, delicious recipes inspired by her Japanese and Italian heritage. Today, she shares with us how she grounds into her gratitude rituals during the Spring season. They say "a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles", and she's definitely living it! 



Kathleen reminds us to not let a single moment pass by you. There is immense beauty that lies in the simplest things - but that can easily be overlooked without an open heart and an attentive mind. The more present we can be with nature, the more we'll see little pockets of magic unfold right before our eyes. But,  a sense of wonder comes from a place of gratitude. 

Today, we are grateful for our Bloom Community who strive to reach their highest potential to do the highest good for the world. Seasons change, and so do we. Cheers to your evolution! 


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