Meet Our Ambassadors: Holiday Edition

Here at Matcha Bloom, our core value “Community” is extremely meaningful to us - it encompasses the relationships with our suppliers, our farmer and his family, our retailers, our Ambassadors, and our followers and fans just like you!

Together, every individual and company that supports and interacts with our growing brand makes up our Bloom Community… And we would be nowhere without you all! We are collectively a magnetic force, navigating through the world for the greater good. 

We are so incredibly grateful for our Bloomers - you continue to inspire us with your feedback, actions, positivity, and willingness to be open to new ideas, while sharing what you’re learning through your individual experiences.

Speaking of experiences.. It's that time of year again, when the "energy" rises as we enter the holiday season. Not labeling the energy as good or bad, but keeping up with the spirit of all that surrounds this season can become quite draining. ⁠

To bring some balance to this energy, we want to offer our community to take the moment to slow down. Easing the pace down with wellness rituals is the key for high vibration, to show up as your best self especially during these times.
For today's Ambassador Features, we have Caroline Phelps and Michael Tran! They share with us some of their various rituals and how they wind down during the holiday season. 

Meet Our Ambassador - Caroline 

A Divine Goddess of creating delicious recipes based in Los Angeles, California.


Caroline's Favorite Matcha Bloom Product:


Caroline's Favorite Matcha Creation:



1. Mix your matcha powder and choice of sweetener in a bowl with a little bit of milk and whisk until both powders dissolve. This step will generate a decent bit of froth.
2. Pour into a glass and stir in the rest of your milk.
3. Add ice cubes, and enjoy!

>> [ Find her BLOG here ] <<


Meet Our Ambassador - Michael

A Wizard Master of creating the most original food art and home cafe recipes based in San Francisco, California.

Michael's Favorite Matcha Bloom Product:


Michael's Favorite Matcha Creation:



1. Matcha (1 Matcha Go-To Sticks and 2 oz. of hot water)
2. Milk of Choice (1 cup)
3. Ice (handful)
4. Mango Puree (1/2 cup mango blended with 1/2 tbsp of honey)
5. Boba (1/3 cup)

>> [ Find his CREATIONS here ] <<

As you all can tell, the self care Caroline and Michael add into their holiday routine isn't anything lavish or expensive. They are simple rituals that can all be done with one thing - a healthy mindset. As they cultivate self-care and fill up their own cup, that energy naturally extends to their community and beyond. (Self-care to Community Care 🌸 ) 

What will you do this holiday season to slow down, and create your own pleasurable moments? 

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