Our 2021 Year-in-Review

Our 2021 Year-in-Review

Happy New Year!!

It’s officially 2022 - can you believe it?!

It’s time to start imagining the possibilities, dreaming new dreams, and setting new goals. It’s a new year and anything is possible.

Did you know studies have shown that those who make New Year’s Resolutions are 10x more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t?

…Yet only 14% of people actually set goals.

And of the 14% who set goals, the 3% with written goals are 3x more successful than those with unwritten goals - that’s kind of unbelievable to think about!

So moral of the story - make goals AND write them down!

Goal setting can be a very powerful exercise that helps you ultimately create the life you want to live! It can also be rather fulfilling when you go through the process of reflecting on your goals every so often and seeing what you accomplished.

Remember, every single one of us has the power to create and manifest the life we want to live. And every single one of us has the ability to create change in our lives when something doesn’t feel quite right or isn’t aligned with our values and goals.

You have the ability to course correct and set sail down a new path that brings you joy and happiness in life. And this time of year offers a great opportunity to make adjustments, revisit your prior goals, view your progress, and set new goals!

Here are a few steps to help you get started…



    A great first step to leading a more conscious, purposeful life is reflection. 

    Regardless of how you felt this past year went (we know it has been another challenging year for many individuals out there), try and focus on the positive things that happened. 

    That said, we also recommend you write down some of the challenges you did face. But, rather than dwell on the negative, we encourage you to reframe these challenges as growth opportunities and write down the learnings and insights that surfaced as a result of these events.

    Pro Tip: We recommend categorizing your insights from the past year by month or quarter so you can track the growth that occurred throughout the year! 

    Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the wins & insights that resulted from our reflection process…


    Matcha Bloom 2021 Year-in-Review



    Now, It’s Your Turn


    What are some of the wins and insights that surfaced during 2021 in your life?

    What were some of the challenges you faced that helped shape the direction of your life and helped mold you into the person you are today?

    We want to know!

    We encourage you to spend some time reflecting on the past year, gathering your wins & insights, and setting goals for the year ahead.

    Life truly is what you make of it. The world is full of incredible beauty, love, and positivity if you are open to it and make the conscious choice to invite it into your life.

    So, don’t be afraid to dream big and remain open to new ideas and experiences! 

    Above all, seek balance in everything that you do. Only you will know what that harmony feels like, so don’t look to others to determine what’s right for you, look within.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with abundance and love!

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