3 Mouth Watering Matcha Cookie Recipes

3 Mouth Watering Matcha Cookie Recipes

Would you believe us if we said that “healthy” & “holidays” can go hand in hand? 

The holidays are full of excitement with family, friends, and delicious food, but the whirlwind of energy can be overwhelming and quite draining. Managing stress-levels, making grounded purchases, and intuitive-eating may all seem incompatible for the holiday season.

The secret ingredient to the Christmas craze? - Mindfulness.

According to a poll, more than 80% of us find the holidays to be somewhat or very stressful.

This year especially, is the year to let go of any expectations, and to create new sustainable ways you can THRIVE this holiday season, rather than survive.

The reality is, maintaining wholesome habits throughout the holidays all come down to you and the conscious choices you make. Harboring healthy habits for your physical and spiritual self can be achieved through simple changes - one mindful action at a time. 

The Physical - Steering clear from temptations of giving into decadent treats, and straying away from cooking a heavy holiday dish may seem like a nearly impossible task -but it’s important to reframe our minds so we can still feel a sense of that holiday magic without giving into its vices. You can still satisfy your favorite holiday cookie-cravings, and you can still contribute a dish that is both hearty and healthy for your family gathering. Over-restraint can cause more stress, so it’s truly about finding the balance within the decisions you make. Here are 5 simple ways to get you started. 

5 Holiday Habits for your Physical Health

  1. Find healthy alternatives. Healthy cooking doesn’t always mean you have to deprive your guests from their holiday favorites - all it takes is just a few adjustments. Try swapping out the dairy with a plant-based milk, incorporate dates instead of gluten into your pie base, or turn your crowd-favorite cookie recipe into a Keto-recipe. 

⇣ Pull back on Carbs with this MATCHA COOKIE RECIPE! ⇣ 

Keto Matcha Cookie Recipe

2. Choose homemade over store-bought. Homemade meals take an extra bit of effort and more time to be set aside, but its benefits are irreplaceable to processed and store-bought food. With homemade food, you are fully aware and in control of what is going inside your body - what oils you used, how much sodium is inside, and even what kind of energy you put into it while cooking. Remember that food is medicine, so the energy infused into the meal can definitely transcend to your physical well-being.

3.  Pick your splurges wisely.  Look at the overall picture rather than simply what’s in front of you. Be cognizant of what meals are on the horizon, and what type of energy you will be surrounded by. From there, pick and choose your battles, and ask yourself the right questions: 

Am I hungry?
(The initial thought.)

Is my brain hungry? 
(You might just be bored.)

Do my tastebuds want flavor?
(Another level of boredom.)

Or is my body hungry? 
(Is your  body in need of an actual pick-me-up?)

⇣ A MATCHA COOKIE RECIPE for a delicious pick-me-up ⇣ 

Gluten-Free and Vegan Matcha Mint Cookie Recipe

4.  Start a healthy holiday tradition. Plan activities that are both fun and beneficial. To  balance out the rich holiday meal, consider a post-Christmas yoga-flow with your family the morning after! Or go on a material-cleanse for every gift you receive, and discard an item that no longer serves you. Minimalism is about letting go and making room for things that truly matter.

5.  Bite-Sized Cookie Tips!
     1. “Size-chology” - When baking cookies, size your portions smaller than you normally do. When you go for that 3rd or 4th cookie, in actuality you would have only eaten half the amount! 

    2. Gratitude Eating - Think of something you’re thankful for as you indulge each single cookie. This will slow down your chews all while savoring each bite and brings your mind to a space of gratitude. 

The Spiritual - Feeling the pressure of the holidays is only natural and to be expected. But the name of the game is to not cave into that pressure. Sure, there are parties to plan as a host or dishes to prepare for as a guest, gifts to buy, and relatives to impress - but remember, health and wellness is multidimensional.  You may seem like you’re doing everything right in the physical plane by checking off those tasks and making everyone around you happy, but all of this can put a toll on your mental, eventually seeping into your spiritual well-being. Here are 5 simple ways to support your soul during the hassle of the holidays.

5 Holiday Habits for your Spiritual Health

  1. Regulate your stress. The intense and high-strung energy of the holiday season can put you in a mode of “go go go”.  When we’re in that mindset, our bodies don’t know when to step on the brakes and those are the times when we make mistakes, get into accidents, or not make grounded decisions. Take some time to tune into your body and have the inner dialogue with yourself, “How are you doing?” Continuously giving to others outside of yourself is not the most beneficial notion for anyone in the long run.

  2. Protect your energy.  Your energy is extremely precious. It is your vital resource, the very thing you have to offer to the world. Who deserves access to your energy? Once you re-calibrate where you stand, make the intention to schedule some downtime. Perhaps form a daily practice of meditation or breathwork as an active rest for your mind, body and soul. Remember to take deep breaths, and attribute time and space for yourself to decompress.
  3. Focus on what is still possible, rather than what is lacking. We all know the holidays aren’t going to be quite the same this year, but find ways you can celebrate the abundance rather than dwell in the scarcity. Shift the mundane moments into memorable moments. Let go of your “holiday ego” and detach yourself from the expectations of perfection.
  4. Be compassionate with yourself. - Overindulged at the family dinner? Don’t beat yourself up over it, just balance it out with a hearty workout the next day. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to be cognizant and aware. Give yourself some grace, so your wellness journey can be sustainable and fun at the same time. Self-deprecation is not the answer.
  5. Maximize your service to the community. - As sparse as the holidays may seem this year, remember that by giving joy, you will receive joy tenfold. And as our Core Values entail, never underestimate the power of individual impact.

⇣ This budget-friendly MATCHA COOKIE RECIPE is great for gift-giving ⇣

Paleo-friendly Matcha Coconut Cookie Recipe

With the rapid rush of the holidays, it’s easy to get “lost in the sauce” and forget the joy and meaning of what it’s truly about. First and foremost, honor yourself. Create the relationship with yourself in a more connected and profound way. The more you invest in your inner well-being, the more support you can be for other people in your truest power. 

Bloom into your best self by creating a holiday experience that makes you happy and healthy

Looking for simple ways to add matcha into your recipes? 


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