How to Cultivate Spiritual Wellness

4 Practical Daily Rituals to Cultivate Spiritual Wellness

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Part 2: Spiritual Wellness

What is spirituality, and how does it resonate with you? 

“Spirituality” can be a loaded word for many people - it can sound a little heady, unrealistic and overly-esoteric. 

But at its true core, spirituality is something that is deeply personal to you, and only you. You have the unspoken power to define its parameters and the role it plays in your life. 

Spirituality may be a broad concept, but its open-endedness allows for so many layers of different perspectives to be had. And as humans, the more we are challenged to new viewpoints and cultures, the more we are able to diversify our ways of thinking through the lens of love and compassion. 

Whether we choose to bring in religion or not, spirituality is a universal human experience. The “spirit” refers to the foundational dimension of human life - it’s the interconnectedness of who you were, who you are, and who you are meant to be; it provides a deep sense of self and why you were brought into this 3-D world. 

What is Spiritual Wellness?


Spiritual Wellness is an ongoing process of self-discovery that shapes the deepest parts of us - our values, beliefs, feelings, and our general outlook towards life. Being mindful of our spiritual wellness can cultivate our connection to something bigger than ourselves, and help strengthen our relationship with the innermost parts of ourselves. 

As we always say, health and wellness is multidimensional. But don’t you agree - that we are way more than just our physical bodies? 

Spiritual Wellness is the component of well-being that tends to get overlooked, but it is the key underbelly player that has the power to improve the relationships between all of our wellness pillars. 

And remember, spirituality is not a linear process - it’s an evolutionary process that takes much trial and error throughout our personal journey. Some attributes will work well for others while it won’t for some, so it’s all about making it digestible and resonant to you.

Begin your spiritual wellness practice today not by adding just another task on your “to-do list”. Take a moment to step back and be an observer of your life - how balanced is it? What can remain the same? What’s missing? Create, assess, adjust. And create again. No path will ever be for nothing, it will always be useful data that can guide you toward your ultimate goal.

And the best part? All of these answers are within you.

Below, we share 4 practical rituals you can implement to boost your Spiritual Wellness.


4 Practical Daily Rituals to Cultivate Spiritual Wellness


1) Practice a “form of expression”


Creative expression is an essential piece to our inner spirit.  From yoga, dance, music and writing, these modalities have a way of expressing our experiences when words fail to do so. For the movers and shakers of the world, movement is a beautiful medium that invites the expression of the human body to a vulnerable and therapeutic space. For the thinkers and prolifics, writing can be an artistic way to release all unserving thoughts to flow onto the paper. 

After a long day of work, your mind can be caught in a bind that can create feelings of overwhelm and confusion. Dancing it out can alchemize that built-up tension, while journaling can help make sense of your emotions in a clarified way.

What are some of your unique forms of expression that you can practice on the daily?


Forms of Expression to Boost Spiritual Wellness

2) Embody your truth, your dharma


Dharma refers to your “soul’s purpose”. Finding your soul’s purpose is about having a genuine curiosity in seeking truth - not universal truth, but your truth. That truth will take space in your intuition, and will transcend everything you do in life. 

We live in a generation where every bit of information is readily available. We consume news, read articles, take in facts, ideas and concepts everyday that come from a source outside of ourselves. What information feels true to you? What doesn’t? As much as we “take in”, it’s important to look within on a deeper level to see if the data you’re intaking serves you in a positive or negative way. 

Once you have your own core set of truths, now it’s time to embody it! 

A simple tip is to focus on embodying “the essence” of something rather than focusing on the material outcome. For example, if you want to manifest happiness, shift your mindset on embodying pure bliss as if it already belongs to you. If you want to manifest money, don’t have your eyes on the cash prize, but embody the full essence of what it means to be (financially) abundant. 

Many believe that you become something by changing and transforming, but your transformation is as a result of first, becoming. 🤯 (Sahara Rose) 

Seek your truth.

Clarify your truth.

Embody your truth.

Sahara Rose "Discover Your Dharma"

For more information on one of our favorite thought-leaders and "Embodiers" of their Purpose and Truth, visit Sahara Rose's website here.  

3) Schedule your own “quiet time”


Living in a fast-paced world with constant distractions and tasks to cross off, slowing down seems like an impossible feat for our busy lives. But, with the thought of “impossibility” already looming over our heads,  we’re already creating that energy for it to truly not become possible. There’s an art to it - and this art takes much practice, much discipline and an unwavering commitment to yourself.

Carving out time to commit to your well-being can help you become more present and just simply be - just you and the moment, baby.

You can journal, meditate, ground yourself with some breathwork, or spend time with nature, reveling in the simple brilliance it has to offer. Or even make a nice warm cup of matcha to rejuvenate the soul. 

Start a matcha ritual today!

[Note: Our Matcha Go-To Sticks are the perfect place to start for those looking to effortlessly add matcha into their everyday ritual ]

The world is your oyster when we “create” our own time.  And the more we do it, the more we can infuse positivity when it comes to sharing our own energy and time, wherever we go.


4) Find a “story worthy moment”


At a surface level, it may seem like the same thing happens in your everyday life. You wake up, make your daily cup of caffeine, work, workout if you have the physical and mental capacity, eat, sleep, repeat.. 

But what about the in-between moments?! 

Those in-between moments are really when the magic happens. Storyworthy is a book by Matthew Dicks, who challenges his readers to find “story worthy moments' “ in their everyday lives.  Believe it or not, we experience notable moments all the time, but we can only see it if we are truly present. 

Matthew Dicks offers an amazing process by which a person is to seek for and document the stories that already exist in their lives.  You create an excel sheet with 2 columns, and simply log in the date, and write 1~2 sentences of the most impactful thing that happened to you that day. With this daily exercise, you’ll start noticing patterns, and feel more connected to how you show up each day in a new and powerful light. 

Activate your spirit by always looking for the magical moments in life - the more you continue to look for that spark of magic in your day-to-day scenes, the more magic will continue to shine back at you. 


Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

For more insightful information on Matthew Dick’s Homework for Life, click here.

All in all, spiritual wellness is all about creating balance in your life, getting rooted in your life purpose, and creating a culture around that. Just as much as how our physical bodies need to move to develop strength, our spirit yearns for the same kind of thoughtful activity to feel a sense of belonging in this world.  

When you take the time to nurture your spirituality, you can work to manifest greatness and align yourself to meet goals that are connected to your truth, your core values and beliefs.  


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