Matcha Bloom Ambassador Program

Meet Our Ambassadors: Sustainability Edition

As we honor our Earth this week, we also want to honor some of our very own Ambassadors who have been an integral part of our Matcha Movement since Day 1. 

Here, they share with us some of their insights on their personal approach on sustainability and how they infuse it into their daily lives. 

When it comes to practicing sustainability, it’s really important to do what you can, even if it’s imperfect and inconsistent. “It’s better if everyone tries and tries imperfectly, then not try at all.” 

Hikari Murakami Matcha Bloom Ambassador


Hikari is a multifaceted queen in her own right. From being a full-time Mom, Digital Creator and Business Owner, she is a beautiful, energetic force within her diverse communities. She believes sustainability is about carrying compassion and taking action. Over the years, she consciously worked on defining her personal style so it would help her make better decisions on her clothing purchases. We all know in some way or another we would just buy “things” because it was trendy or we’d have major FOMO... Ever since becoming a mom, Hikari has been cooking a lot more at home and packs a homemade lunch for her daughter every single day. She thoughtfully reminds us that not everyone is perfect, and that’s totally okay.

Hikari Murakami Matcha Bloom Ambassador


What’s so special about Sloane is that every role that defines her is so beautifully connected with one another - she is a Food Freedom Coach, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and a Yoga Teacher. Sloane is an expert on intuitive eating and living a sustainable lifestyle. In the same way we think about diets and how it is not a sustainable solution rooted in extreme restrictions, she reframes sustainability to be all about ease, safety and loving choices for all involved - including yourself.

She shares with us the key point is to set loving, casual expectations. “Rigid expectation is not sustainable, nor is it inspiring!” Instead, her expectations lean more toward how she wants to feel (energized, abundant, supportive) and less about the tasks she must complete simply to “get the job done”. Cooking everyday is also a ritual that contributes to her sustainability practice and she loves crafting her nourishment with her own two hands.

Sloane Elizabeth Matcha Bloom Ambassador

A common thread that runs through both Hikari and Sloane’s advice is to always have a level of self-compassion. In order to extend your love and care to those outside of yourself, it’s important to be aware of your own capacity and needs as well. Showing that tender kindness to yourself will allow you to show up even stronger and better in the long run - for your people and the planet.

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