Blush Ripple Mug

Blush Ripple Mug

Kinto Ceramic Matcha Mug

This mug is the missing piece to your everyday matcha latte routine. The unique glaze expresses a soft blush pink, handmade on a pottery wheel. Pairs well with: Our Matcha Bloom Mini Whisk, so you can whisk your healthy latte directly inside the mug...and our Matcha Purity Powder!
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Ceramic
  • Microwave-Safe
  • Dishwasher-Safe

Prep Guide

Hot Matcha Latte:

Scoop 1g of matcha into Blush Ripple Mug

matcha being scooped into mug

water for matcha tea Add 1.5 oz of hot water. (less water than a traditional cup to avoid diluting)

mini whisk for matcha tea Whisk with Matcha Bloom Mini Whisk until frothy

Pour over choice of milk and sweetener

Care Guide

Do not overheat in the microwave, or heat without liquid

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool



Consume mindfully by skipping your daily trip to the neighborhood cafe and create your own delicious healthy lattes.


Build a conscious, wholesome routine that supports your multidimensional wellness.


Nourish your soul with antioxidants and minerals with our high vibrational, pure, organic matcha.

Unique Glaze

Unique Glaze

This porcelain piece is glazed with a blush body, handmade in Japan.

Soft-touch Lip

Soft-touch Lip

The rim of the mug feels soft on the mouth.



This ceramic mug is safe to be used in the microwave and the dishwasher.

For Latte Lovers

For Latte Lovers

Whisk up your favorite latte using our Matcha Bloom Mini Whisk directly inside the mug.

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