Cultivate Your At-Home Matcha Ritual

Abundance Pack | 3 qty packets of Matcha Purity Powder (90 grams)

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This bundle deal is the perfect offering for our avid Matcha drinkers.

Stock up on a full season supply of our best matcha green tea powder to save time, money and impact on carbon footprint.

3 resealable packets at a discounted best price, for keeping Matcha Purity Powder fresh and pure while at home or on the road.


Free your mind from one way of preparation. Nothing is absolute. Spark the artist within, exercise your creativity in the limitless possibilities of preparing your matcha


There is always something deeply special about creating something with your two hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you.


See how your creation unfolds magic in the mundane. “What keeps lie fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.” - Deepak Chopra

Create an abundance of healthy recipes for your high vibrational wellness.

Ceremonial Grade

All matcha powders are not created equal. Our Ceremonial Grade matcha is harvested from the First Flush, which delivers top nutritional value with a beautiful vibrant green color. We offer highest quality for the everyday price.

Purely Organic

Family farm to cup, grown in Kagoshima, Japan. Revitalize your body with clean, pure energy powered by Mother Earth.

Rituals Simplified

A life-giving wellness ritual rooted through ancient traditions and practices, simplified to a modern daily convenience.

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